traffic constructions
engeenering constructions
water constructions
ekological constructions
demolition works

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Company profile

PB SCOM Ltd. carries out road construction, civil engineering, water and environmental construction, special demolition work under the contract for work. All thanks to an experienced team of professionals . We have a very modern fleet of construction machinery, world renowned manufacturers. These machines are also equipped with control laser and ultrasonic systems. In transport, we use three-and four-axle trucks Tatra best brands.

Ttraffic constructions

construction of buildings highways, roads, roads and parking areasengineering structures

Engeneering constructions

making water and sewer systems
laying of cables for electrical and telephone lineswater projects

Water constructions

regulation of water flows
cleaning of riverbeds
making jigs and slips

Ecological construction

reclamation of municipal waste
implementation of rehabilitation of old landfill load
liquidation of contaminated and hazardous substances

Special demolitions

demolition of heavy machinery overhead and underground buildings of all kinds of structures
cutting concrete structures
demolition gradual dismantling
crushing and sorting of waste
removal and disposal of waste

The company's priority is quality work, guaranteed top machinery and trained a team of experts with a objective - very satisfied customer.